Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan 2023 – 2038 Regulation 16 Consultation

date Released On 1st Aug 2023

Three Dragons with support from McBains have undertaken a neighbourhood plan viability assessment for the Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan. The viability assessment for a neighbourhood plan follows the same principles as a local plan viability assessment by testing whether the policies and proposals put forward within the neighbourhood plan are deliverable in terms of viability. The Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan Viability Assessment is part of the evidence base supporting the proposed neighbourhood plan.

Contained within the neighbourhood plan are a set of policies around addressing the climate emergency and in particular, a desire to achieve net zero carbon from new development proposed in the Chippenham neighbourhood plan area. These proposals go beyond current 2021 Part L building regulations and further than previously set out proposals by the government on 2025 Future Homes standards. Working with property and construction consultancy specialists McBains , possible standards were developed and costed that would meet the policy requirements. These additional costs were then included within the viability assessments.

Regulation 16 consultation on the Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan runs until 5pm on the 5th September – details can be found on the Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan website - and via the hosts for the consultation, Wiltshire Council 

Tags: Development Viability

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